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Leipsic, Breitkopf & Hartel, featuring the extremely rare third issue corrected edition with the five bar motto; the added grace notes in bar 259 of the third movement of the viola part; and the addition of arco in the 4th movement also in the viola part ($8,000+).
of London) presents an expanded and corrected edition of his 2001 Classical Competing Risks.
Given his credentials, the number of inaccuracies that have crept into the work is disappointing (there is a corrected edition in process).
To R (G) B From E (of) H Corrected edition With filled in blanks--very valuable-sell quick
Holt had initially promised to send a corrected edition.
We urge that a corrected edition of the 2006-2007 Annual Report be published as soon as possible and that the edition on the Internet be revised immediately to provide the public with science-based facts regarding high fructose corn syrup.
This booklet, issued in conjunction with Sir John Soane's Museum is a re-issue of the corrected edition of 2002.
Although a corrected edition appeared in Boston in 1738, the damage, such as it was, was done: the European editions and translations that established Edwards as something of an international celebrity among revivalists and pietists stemmed from what Edwards considered to be a faulty text.
She asked her publisher, also Simon and Schuster, to destroy its copies of the book and to publish a corrected edition, and she set her researchers to work combing the text for "borrowed" passages.
After Bernanos died in 1948, however, Albert Beguin, his literary executor, discovered hundreds of errors in the typed manuscript from which the original publisher of Monsieur Ouine had worked, and brought out a corrected edition in 1955.
Alfred North Whitehead, Process and Reality, corrected edition (New York: Free Press, 1978), 32.
He suggests that publishers hire accomplished fact-checkers, recall books from stores when inaccuracies turn out to be serious, and publish a revised, corrected edition.