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He went on to note that while most physicians take care of individuals who are part of a community, physicians who practice correctional medicine attend to a community of individuals.
is a professor and chairman of the Division of Correctional Medicine at Nova Southeastern College of Osteopathic Medicine and director of health services for the Florida Department of Corrections.
MedAmerica offers customized services to support emergency, primary and hospital-based care at 120 hospitals, 36 ambulatory and occupational health practices, and eight correctional medicine sites that care for nearly 3 million patients annually.
He then worked as an emergency medicine physician for 20 years before returning to correctional medicine in 2002 as a staff physician at Northeast Oklahoma Correctional Center.
Military and Veterans Administration physician executives, along with physician executives working in correctional medicine, will be joining forces with those working in public hospitals in a single online discussion forum.
Smith, MD, a correctional medicine physician in Miami, FL, who claims to have successfully eliminated over 700 cases of MRSA in the Florida prison system.
The Society of Correctional Physicians presents the Armond Start Award of Excellence to an individual who represents the highest of ideals in correctional medicine.
There are many valid and meaningful criteria that make correctional medicine a very competitive career choice.
an organization that provides emergency department, hospitalist, urgent care, occupational medicine, and correctional medicine management and staffing services.

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