corrective measure

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We really do not need any awareness programme about drugs in Punjab as we are aware about its devastating effects," he said adding, " What we need is thorough corrective measures to stop the production and supply of drugs that is made easy".
But, later on, we will have a one-on-one session with each outlet's representatives where we will explain the violations found in their establishment and recommend the corrective measures they can take," Yousif said.
Dublin-based McMahon also picked up a one-day careless riding ban for allowing his mount to drift right, but he argued yesterday that his corrective measures in the closing stages had prevented a bad accident.
25 hours of chat transcripts were reviewed, per group, and very few corrective measures surfaced.
Contract notice: Liming project in the framework of corrective measures in forest communities kysuce.
Businesses that don't protect sensitive data will spend significantly more on corrective measures and reparations than businesses that do, because of failure to comply with regulatory or contractual data protection requirements," said Rich Mogull, Research Director for Gartner's Information Risk and Security practice.
The exact magnitude of the loss cannot be determined at this time because the financial results for certain operating units are not yet available, but management of the Company believes that the losses will be substantial based on the information that is currently available to it, which warrants corrective measures to improve the financial condition of the Company.
The firms were required to undertake substantial corrective measures to improve their quality of practice and eliminate the deficiencies in the flawed engagements.
If, for example, a contractor cuts corners by providing inadequate manpower, hiring less qualified (and less costly) supervision, or submitting materials of lower quality, the owner will wind up paying more for corrective measures in the end.
The FPRI project at VOAAP will be conducted in concert with Tetra Tech's ongoing installation-wide groundwater corrective measures study.
Financial operations, heavily dependent on sales taxes, were hard hit by the economic slowdown and the high level of mandated spending requirements as well as political disagreements on corrective measures to restore balance.
Best will be monitoring the company's retention of its newly hired agents and other changes recently implemented by management, as well as the impact these corrective measures and expansion have on premium production.