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When inspecting spot welds, the presence of reflection from the area between the metal sheets indicates that the sheets are separated from each other; this corresponds to the non-welded area (Fig.
Moore was able to show that his games, which he calls "generalized shifts," correspond to dynamical systems known as iterated maps, which researchers sometimes use to model physical systems.
45) may contain singularities, and they can be divided into three categories that respectively correspond to three different types of wave front arrivals: 1) The body waves relevant to the regular reflected rays which are determined from the singularities of [partial][phi]/[partial]y = 0,2) The interface waves, including Rayleigh surface waves, Stoneley interface waves, and the other possible leaky waves, which are determined from the singularities of [[DELTA].
The number of influential amino acids determines the ruggedness of an "antibody space" with topological details that he says correspond surprisingly well with known features of immune-response maturation.
The first lineage corresponds to the New World group, including rhadinoviruses of spider and squirrel monkeys.