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Jarndyce, to be almost as powerful a correspondent as Mrs.
His only correspondent, so far as I know, was his own father.
Frank Baum and his correspondents," for I have used many suggestions conveyed to me in letters from children.
I've neglected you shamefully this summer, honey, but all my other correspondents have been neglected, too.
With the summer rush from the Outside came special correspondents for the big newspapers and magazines, and one and all, using unlimited space, they wrote Daylight up; so that, so far as the world was concerned, Daylight loomed the largest figure in Alaska.
There are a number of great special correspondents.
He is perfectly well aware that the nature of our vocation makes us suspicious of all newcomers, and he, therefore, desires to give you practical proof that he is to be depended on, by making half-a-crown immediately, and sending the same up, along with our handiwork, directed in his own handwriting, to our estimable correspondents in London.
Hearing from his foreign correspondents of two women who had made successful first appearances, one at Milan and one at Florence, he had arranged to visit those cities, and to judge of the merits of the dancers for himself, before he joined the bride and bridegroom.
Indeed, the wishes of my little correspondents have been considered as carefully as possible, and if the story is not exactly as you would have written it yourselves, you must remember that a story has to be a story before it can be written down, and the writer cannot change it much without spoiling it.
He kindly gave me the necessary introduction to the correspondents at Rotterdam of my bankers in London.
Three separate extracts from letters written by three different correspondents were selected to be read in Court.
They had branch houses at Alexandria and Odessa, and correspondents here, there, and everywhere, along the shores of the Mediterranean, and in the ports of the East.