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Correspondingly, academic institutions, with the growing exception of some professional schools and other schools with extensive externships and other outreach programs, have not exactly welcomed employers as key participants in the academic enterprise.
After 1956, when the United States became the dominant power in the Middle East, it made the same mistake -- vastly overestimating Iranian nationalism as represented by the Shah and correspondingly underestimating Muslim religion as represented by Ayatollah Khomeini.
A policy that offers significantly richer or more easily accessible benefits should have correspondingly higher premiums.
2) Just because studies described below found that those with treatment had a fraction of the death rate of those without does not necessarily mean that your chance of survival will be correspondingly increased by antiretrovirals.
Times have been correspondingly tough on Fedecafe, the national coffee growers' federation and the most powerful player in Colombia's coffee industry.
Correspondingly, US vendors will dominate the market.
When an organization has abundant and high-quality information, the ability to identify future issues and to design appropriate responses is correspondingly good.
Given the size of the restaurant, the ancillary space for kitchens, storerooms and so on is correspondingly large and organised so staff can work efficiently.
Steven Orso's meticulously researched and convincingly argued study advances a new and intriguing interpretation of the painting, and proposes a correspondingly new title: "Bacchus in Iberia.
The accounting firm countered it had done so by discussing the issue of collectability with the president and that the accountant does not have a duty to assess the accounting sophistication of the client's president and correspondingly expand or reduce procedures.
With demand for MTBE expected to grow at double digit rates in this decade, demand for isobutene will grow correspondingly, according to the study.
Another limitation of the approach concerns the future long-run value of V2; permanent shifts in V2 are always a possibility, especially if significant progress is made toward price stability and, correspondingly nominal interest rates decline markedly.