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His height was six feet three inches, and he was correspondingly broad- shouldered and deep-chested.
White Fang's backers were correspondingly depressed, and refused bets of ten to one and twenty to one, though one man was rash enough to close a wager of fifty to one.
In reality, the wages had been raised much higher, and the privileges were correspondingly greater.
45: The Colophonian author of the "Returns" says that Telemachus afterwards married Circe, while Telegonus the son of Circe correspondingly married Penelope.
The wind had dropped to a steady blow, still from west by north, and the sea had gone down correspondingly.
He was drunker than usual, and his speech was correspondingly slower.
Moreover, when by sudden immigration or by unusually rapid development, many species of a new group have taken possession of a new area, they will have exterminated in a correspondingly rapid manner many of the old inhabitants; and the forms which thus yield their places will commonly be allied, for they will partake of some inferiority in common.
In this highly conventionalized poetry the lover is forever sighing for his lady, a correspondingly obdurate being whose favor is to be won only by years of the most unqualified and unreasoning devotion.
In the way of trade Miss Pleasant would have taken--and indeed did take when she could--as much as thirty shillings a week for board that would be dear at five, and likewise conducted the Leaving business upon correspondingly equitable principles; yet she had that tenderness of conscience and those feelings of humanity, that the moment her ideas of trade were overstepped, she became the seaman's champion, even against her father whom she seldom otherwise resisted.
This idea has been put forward to deal with the trend for increasingly larger aircraft and the subsequent need for correspondingly large wing spans.
Please be informed that today PJSC "Magnit" fulfilled its obligation of the fifth coupon redemption against bonds of BO-08 / BO-09 series in the amount of 209,400,000 rubles / 209,400,000 rubles correspondingly.
If there were improvement costs, profit would be correspondingly lower.