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20], based on the Hallopeau-Dubin model, proposed an automatic method allowing the control of the corrosiveness of blended waters.
ASTM G2051 is an industry guide for evaluating three important crude oil properties that can have an impact on internal corrosion: these are wettability, emulsion-forming tendency, and effect of crude oil on the corrosiveness of brine.
Although it is logical that the age of a building, corrosiveness, and temperature of water may impact the concentration of lead in drinking water, these associations cannot be drawn from the data presented here.
potential corrosiveness due to the presence of acidic sulfur compounds.
Detection of lead and cadmium predicts the deterioration of the water supply pipelines due to overage and corrosiveness.
2], increasing corrosiveness, and ultimately increasing dissolution of shell material until burial below the TAZ.
To overcome the disadvantages of the caridex and carisolv such as, short shelf life, high corrosiveness, requirement for specialized instruments, and high cost, a gel was developed in Brazil in 2003, by Bassadori et al (14), which is commercially known as [papacarie.
The corrosiveness of chloride-containing media is amplified by its salt content and the presence of other halogens, ions of alkali metals or sulphur.
A further inspection finds corroborating evidence or characteristics, such as results of testing a sample of the drywall for sulfur content, metal corrosiveness and/or sulfide gas emission.
Characteristics Included in ASTM C1071 Thermal Conductivity ASTM C518 Temperature Resistance ASTM C411 Corrosiveness ASTM C665 Surface Burning Characteristics ASTM E84 Fungi Resistance ASTM C1338 Fiber Erosion Resistance ASTM C1071 Odor Emissions ASTM C1304 Moisture Vapor Sorption ASTM C1104
Resin type, additives, required temperature, corrosiveness, abrasiveness, and flash rate.