corrupt person

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Khan said, I say this today Nawaz Sharif, you are the most corrupt person in Pakistan, even Asif Ali Zardari was better than you, I never thought I would say this.
The advisor said that every corrupt person will be punished for his deeds and every sector of life will be made transparent and merit oriented.
On the other hand, a thief or a corrupt person does not care much about other people's criticism and try to avoid entering into arguments.
I didn for FIF corru some given "If I am this corrupt person, he shouldn't be allowed to go free.
He told BBC World Service: "If I am supposed to be this corrupt person.
DoPT, which has already declined to make names of Lokpal- aspirants public, should instead make names of those having applied for post of Lokpal public by putting these on a website so that members of public may be able to send their feedback to avoid a corrupt person being posted as Lokpal," he said.
Said, whose homosexuality has become a hot issue apart from charges that he is "the most corrupt person at the top", is described by his elder brother as an "exceptionally intelligent man" - indeed one of Algeria's most educated.
Our aim should be that not a single corrupt person exists in Parliament," he said.
The draft bill envisaged a system in which a corrupt person found guilty would go to jail within two years of the complaint being made and his ill-gotten wealth confiscated.
She's not only this youthful ideal of innocence and youth in Gatsby's eyes but she turns out to be a morally corrupt person.
He still stands by those statements today and insisted: "I do not believe for one moment that I am a corrupt person.
I personally don't think we should harbor any expectation for an interest group that does not allow party politics and enslaves its own people, nor for a corrupt person to fight corruption," he said.