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One official, who slips his hands into the pocket of business, is not just a corrupter, but the enemy of the country.
They describe how the program, originally intended to primarily benefit the elderly, remove the stigma of government benefits, and provide uniform federal benefits, paradoxically became primarily a disability program, came under political criticism as a corrupter of children and facilitator of immigration fraud, and contained wide variation among the states.
Hamilton labeled his rival a visionary and a demagogue, while Jefferson named his a corrupter, a monarchist, and an Angloman.
Almost stealing the show as Fagin, the sly corrupter of urchins, Alec Guinness doesn't flinch from the story's sense of cruelty.
Any conventionally simplified reading of Eve as the corrupter of Adam will find ample confirmation in Scorsese's film, where Mary Magdalene appears first in a fetishized close-up of her racily decorated feet and later seeks to seduce him away from his quest to find God in the desert.
He called the Apostle Paul the "first corrupter of the doctrines of Jesus," He dismissed the concept of the Trinity as "mere Abracadabra of the mountebanks calling themselves the priests of Jesus.
ISLAMABAD, February 20, 2012 (Balochistan Times): Pakistan captain Rashid Latif on Saturday urged leg-spinner Danish Kaneria to put up a fight to clear his name as he was named as the corrupter by a court in London where his former Essex County mate Mervyn Westfield was handed over a four-month jail.
His lifelessness is thrown into greater relief by Colin Firth's eye-catching performance as his corrupter.
The government institutions are striving to celebrate the Martyr's Day in all aspects, including the compensation of families of martyrs," Maliki said, adding that "all important issues enjoy attention by the government and they can't be ignored, including corruption in all its forms, that can't be liquidated, without the presence of a strong government, that won't defend any terrorist or corrupter," Maliki concluded.
I defend Islam, I'm neither a thief nor a corrupter,'' he said in his cell at the court.
Mark, 39, has played a whole lineup of police officers on screen, first donning a badge in The Corrupter back in 1999, moving on to The Departed (for which he earned an Oscar nomination), We Own The Night and Max Payne.
In the Discourse on Arts and Sciences, an outraged Rousseau condemns modern technology as a stimulant of social envy and as a corrupter of the martial virtues that once permitted people to be devoted citizens.