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Both types of mischief are not acceptable as Almighty Allah does not like corrupters.
Aleppo, SANA-Assistant Regional Secretary of al-Baath Arab Socialist Party Hilal al-Hilal affirmed the need for overcoming obstacles in front of industrialists, punish corrupters and seek a solution to all problems which hinder serious work.
An approach of meting out the most severe punishment must be embraced by governments to protect innocent people against abusers and corrupters as well as against criminals who trigger strife, chaos and unrest.
Smith writes, "Of all the corrupters of moral sentiments, therefore, faction and fanaticism have always been by far the greatest" (Smith 1759, p.
A statement by the Ministry of Interior on Saturday said corrupters and exploiters of children involved in various crimes had been arrested.
We can only beat the corrupters by remaining vigilant and by following the procedures and protocols which are in place.
The thing that reinforces the administrative flabbiness is the fear of many officials to confront corruption and corrupters.
This government is just a bunch of hooligans and corrupters.
There are so many young guys being introduced to a landscape of potential corruption for the first time in their lives and have no clue how the corrupters may seek to 'hook' them," the Sydney Morning Herald quoted May, as saying.
However, at this stage we can only seek to ensure that suitable structures are put in place to safeguard the integrity of the event and the betting product should corrupters attempt to manipulate an Olympic sport.
He wants to throw out the corrupters and cut out waste.
Anver Versi, On Corruption and Corrupters, AFRICAN BUS.