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Morphology criterion: Impaired motor conduction of the corticospinal tracts by tracking changes in the pattern and duration of MEP waveform morphology.
Motor outcome according to the integrity of the corticospinal tract determined by diffusion tensor tractography in the early stage of corona radiata infarct.
However 44 students in test group were allowed to use the Pyrimidal corticospinal tract educational aid (both the model and computer animation) during their small group discussion time.
Corticospinal tract degeneration in brainstem in patients with multiple sclerosis: Evaluation with diffusion tensor tractography.
Increases in corticospinal tract function by treadmill training after incomplete spinal cord injury.
For example, one can determine the location of the corticospinal tract or the thalamocortical tract and differentiate these tracts from all other white matter tracts in the corona radiata.
In this model, one side of the corticospinal tract in rats was severed as it courses through the brainstem.
Brown-Sequard syndrome, first reported in 1849, is characterised by hemisection of the cord with disruption of the descending lateral corticospinal tracts resulting in ipsilateral hemiplegia, and damage of the ascending lateral spinothalamic tracts (which cross within one or two levels of the dorsal root entrance) resulting in contralateral loss of pain and temperature.