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It is wonderful at what a distance these webs may plainly be seen in such a position to the sunbeams, which are so fine that they cannot be seen in another position, though held near to the eye; some that are at a great distance appear (it cannot be otherwise) several thousands of times as big as they ought: They doubtless appear under as great an angle as a body o f a foot diameter ought to do at such a distance; so greatly doth coruscation increase the apparent bigness of bodies at a distance, as is observed in the fixed stars.
The acquisition of a word of a high register early in life anticipates Vivian's ever-expanding exploration of complex words: "So imagine the effect that the words of John Donne first had on me: ratiocination, concatenation, coruscation, tergiversation" (43).
Whoever in the Pentagon had the coruscation to "embed" reporters did a good day's work.
By taking seriously the mechanics of coruscation and the logic of intuitive persuasion, one may begin to appreciate the strange contours of secularism and its reverberations in everyday life.
The box will be made of 'metal', whilst the light is simply 'light' with no coruscation whatsoever.