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COSMOPOLITE. A citizen of the world; one who has no fixed. residence. Vide Citizen.

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Will Kymlicka (2010) claims that cosmopolitism is taking the effects of globalization to seriously and that the democratic (national) citizenship has far from lost its role, nor is it an out-dated design.
3) The success of Italian opera in the world was largely due to its cosmopolitism, a dominating tendency in Italian artists and intellectuals since the times of imperial Rome.
Translation in the 1950s fostered a sense of cosmopolitism and in turn cultivated literary production in both Hong Kong and Taiwan.
Milagros' seductive beauty serves as a new bridge that reconnects Marina and her old self: travels, cosmopolitism, all that was left behind together with her failed marriage.
Friederike Brun's Briefe aus Rom (1816): Cosmopolitism, Nationalism, and the Politics of Geistlichkeit.
The people of Macedonia have thus confirmed and promoted their cosmopolitism, tolerance and respect for the other.
Paul Healy in 'Situated Cosmopolitanism, and the Conditions of its Possibility: Transformative Dialogue as a Response to the Challenge of Difference' takes as his point of departure Habermas' effort to solve this problem through his discourse model of cosmopolitism.
By all means, since Rousseau has criticised the apolitical and asocial impacts of cosmopolitism, (8) the probability of some deep moral and emotional distance between the victim and the observer of emergency and violence is quite evident.
In Vietnam's case its basic parameters include: geography, nationalism and cosmopolitism, resource imbalance, integration and diversity, and history.
From its outset, European integration has had a "cosmopolitan momentum" (4) and, as it stands today, the EU and its supranational governance is often understood as a form of "institutionalized cosmopolitism.