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The results of this study are in keeping with those of other studies on cost awareness of HCPs that have found cost estimation accuracy to be low.
KEYWORDS Anaesthetic costs / Cost awareness / Anaesthesia
Simplicity in Application of Different Decontamination Concepts, Such As Process Safety, Effectiveness and Cost Awareness
Layoffs, closures, and cutbacks are common when copper prices hit the skids, but new technology and constant cost awareness may be better long-term solutions for saving money.
This work group developed several initial cost-reduction strategies including: (a) increasing employees' cost awareness through education, (b) identifying and eliminating costly habits, (c) making the most cost-effective decisions possible, (d) recycling, and (e) reducing unnecessary inventory.
1-4] A 1983 review of strategies for cost containment for laboratory testing detailed five interventional strategies that might be applied: education, feedback, cost awareness, rationing, and market-oriented financial incentives/risk sharing plans.
To address this perception, we studied drug cost awareness in primary care physicians attending a continuing education seminar.
Financial incentives and diagnostic testing Last month I reported on a cost awareness program that reduced physician orders for diagnostic tests by 14 per cent (see Editor's Memo, July MLO).
However, in-depth teaching of cost awareness may prove to be an important step in overcoming one of the biggest challenges of the SA health system, lack of resources.
The scoring criteria for applications covered Business Growth Potential, Entrepreneurial Spirit, Innovation, Ambition, Internationalisation and Risk / Cost Awareness.

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