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The accessibility of a larger data set, which is more granular and real-time, is impacting the Army's cost awareness and facilitates decisions, such as how to reduce the budget while minimizing the risk to readiness.
We believe that the presence of group carriers and large employers has also created some changes in the marketplace, including more cost awareness of voluntary products, more price competitiveness (since group products are traditionally sold on a price basis), and different expectations regarding enrollment methodology," said Gil Lowerre, president of Eastbridge Consulting Group Inc.
1-4] A 1983 review of strategies for cost containment for laboratory testing detailed five interventional strategies that might be applied: education, feedback, cost awareness, rationing, and market-oriented financial incentives/risk sharing plans.
Financial incentives and diagnostic testing Last month I reported on a cost awareness program that reduced physician orders for diagnostic tests by 14 per cent (see Editor's Memo, July MLO).
aPriori 2012r2 delivers expanded capabilities that further enable the platform to be deployed across global manufacturing organizations, continuing the company's mission to drive product cost awareness upstream into the earliest stages of new product development.
Lutz Meschke, Member of the Executive Board Finance and IT at Porsche AG, emphasized the efficient organization and the high cost awareness within the company.
For the Performance Awards, Johnson Controls Automotive Seating awarded points for important factors such as quality, cost awareness, logistics, design, technology and service.
Cost awareness should be a key part of your planning process.
It gives them an opportunity to learn new ideas, develop better skills, increase their efficiency, develop a concept of budget and cost awareness, and gives them confidence to do a better job and to care about the job they are doing.
Employees have more cost awareness than before and are generally more conservative.
These tools include: the Weapon System Cost Management process identifies total costs to maintain weapon systems across the entire Air Force; the Output Cost Awareness Tool (OCAT) identifies actual costs of labor, material, overhead and contracts to operate at various levels of the organization; the Lean Return On Investment (ROI) methodology provides cost visibility and greatest financial payoff at the value stream level; and the Will-Cost, Should-Cost Management tool helps to bring projects below the baseline budget.

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