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How do you reconcile a holistic view of environmental performance with the need to focus resources on tangible and cost effective reductions in releases to the environment?
Additionally, cost effective analyses must be updated as costs change over time.
We feel the merging of these two very cost effective designs can make a photovoltaic product deployable on scale that will have a significant impact on the growing power needs of both residential and commercial customers and will reach a price parity with today's conventional generating methods.
CRYPTOCard enables organizations to deploy a two-factor authentication model that is straightforward, cost effective, and easily tailored to meet individual requirements.
With their small form factors and plug-and-play deployment, Amino STBs make it easy for retailers and other organizations to establish robust, fully-managed and cost effective digital signage networks to tens of thousands of locations.
Developed to meet real-world requirements - where Linux and Mac workstations often live in a mixed Microsoft (Nasdaq:MSFT) Windows domain, with Windows clients and Apache or IIS Web servers - CRYPTO-Server makes it simple and cost effective to positively authenticate each user within a true heterogeneous environment.
CRYPTOCard enables organizations to deploy a two-factor authentication model that is both straightforward and cost effective," Kellett continued.
The C2200 is the industry's most compact, cost effective CMTS device for delivering bandwidth-intensive broadband services today, and integrated service offerings (data, voice, video) tomorrow.
Shiron is a global leader in high-performance IP broadband satellite solutions, so the alliance, as well as certification, validates Verso's market-leading expertise in this sector, including our ability to reliably deliver cost effective GSM Backhaul over Satellite," said Yves Desmet, senior vice president, Worldwide Sales, Verso Technologies.
Having thoroughly researched all available technologies, it was clear that only CRYPTOCard's CRYPTO-Server could provide 2A Informatica's customers with high-level user authentication that would also be user friendly, simple to administer, and cost effective.
Customer satisfaction is important for our business and GuideTech has played a big role in ensuring the quality of our customers' devices in the most cost effective way.
The combination of Adaptec RAID software with Vitesse's VSC7250 and VSC7251 controller ICs raises the bar for cost effective, high performance SAS RAID-on-Chip solutions," said Tim Connolly, vice president of marketing for the Data Protection Solutions Group at Adaptec.