cost of living

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Bahrain is the third most expensive city in the GCC with a global ranking of 93rd and a cost of living index of 63, followed by Kuwait and Doha, both ranked 101st globally.
The survey attributed the elevated cost of living in Beirut to the high rental rates in the capital.
The majority of NASA supporters interviewed say the high cost of living has been one of the most serious problems facing the country, whereas their Jubilee counterparts have a contrary opinion.
While cost of living data is not available for Bozeman, data is available on housing costs, which drive differences in cost of living across places.
Apparently even worse than Hartford is East Hartford, which has high cost of living, average well-being, below average walkability, very high taxes, below average health care quality, below average weather and average local culture.
Bahrain ranks 33rd overall in terms of total cost of living, including rent and consumer goods and services, out of a total of 119 countries surveyed.
As a result, the cost of living per household member will amount to BGN 570 in the winter months.
Today, at the start of Q4, the Cost of Living UAE Report 2013/2014 is showing that despite some remnants of the pre-recession maelstrom of speculation starting to creep back in; the economy is stronger and more robust than ever and the future looks very promising.
If inflation continues, then wages will have to reflect the rising cost of living.
Houses are also needed and a cut in the cost of living.
A new study has found that the UK is the worst place to live in Europe due to reasons including the high cost of living and quality of life.
CAPITAL cities in Eastern Europe take the top five places in a cheapest cost of living survey by Post Office Travel Money.