cost of reclamation

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The cost of reclamation and preparing the area is around BD8 million.
nothing to relieve the public of the cost of reclamation given the
However, since the cost of reclamation was $64 million,
Under SMCRA, states have flexibility to require mine operators to provide a bond for the full cost of reclamation or participate in an alternative bonding system such as a bond pool, which may combine bonds, taxes on coal production, and other sources of funding.
00 per ton and eliminates the cost of reclamation which is incurred in most mining operations.
But, as council director Rob Quick says in a private report, it became clear that ``the cost of reclamation would be substantial''.
And they require mines--new or existing--to provide financial guarantees, or bonds, that cover the cost of reclamation (as estimated by BLM staff) after a mine closes.
His view is unless the developer can pay for the extra cost of reclamation and infrastructure, then there has to be public sector subsidy.
In 2007, the Company commenced legal actions against its insurance carriers regarding policy coverage issues for the cost of reclamation and abandonment.
Regulations governing the extraction or use of other federally owned resources generally require bond amounts based on the cost of reclamation or use minimum amounts that were established more recently than the bond amounts for oil and gas.
Hess today announced a new bonding program for surface coal mines that requires operators to post bonds covering the full cost of reclamation.
Power credits utilized in 2005 are credited to the cost of reclamation of the Con Mine which reduces the accrued asset retirement liability for the mine rather than being reported as other income.