cost reducing

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Norwegian fish farming technology provider AKVA group ASA (OSE:AKVA) said on Thursday (30 October) that it will implement further cost reducing measures at its operations in Chile.
Imerys has aggressively pursued a multitude of cost reducing initiatives, yet continues to incur dramatic escalation in mining, raw materials, and other costs which have outpaced these efforts.
Further, we plan to expand our presence into China from this base in order to promote our cost reducing products and services.
Wide format UV-curable inkjet systems are positioned as a more productive and cost reducing alternative to aqueous inkjet systems that offer the image durability of a solvent without the environmental issues.
To accomplish this goal, technology is the key, and OrderPro Logistics has signed an exclusive agreement to provide supply chain management and cost reducing logistics services to this program.
comments, "We realized cost reducing an existing product takes a specific blend of expertise in value engineering and procurement.
This information can then be fed into higher level management and billing systems, offering carriers revenue generating and cost reducing opportunities to satisfy the needs of both customers and investors.
Cost reducing efforts will continue throughout Mattson's global operations for the duration of the industry downturn.
Part of these synergies have been realized and additional synergies are now being realized through a number of cost reducing actions within mainly production and administration.
This leading edge technological solution reduces court time and travel expenses, both of which are major priorities in cost reducing strategies for the state.
Client/Server Solution Advisor(TM) from Interpose, the first software tool to assist IS professionals and consultants in analyzing actual TCO and building cost reducing plans, has been licensed to Comdisco.
With the addition of the Traveler, we can now penetrate all segments of epilepsy monitoring while providing cost reducing health care solutions.