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The cost-of-living raises can be paid for out of the county's existing budget.
1924, "The Problem of the True Index of the Cost-of-Living," The Economic Bulleting of the Institute of Economic Conjuncture, Moscow, 9, 6471.
They derived the cost-of-living index for each state by averaging the COLI values of participating cities within a state.
Paul Heyne, in The Economic Way of Thinking, however, goes to great length to draw a distinction between cost-of-living changes and inflation:
While Tokyo has topped the EIU cost-of-living list since 1991, the EIU put living expenses in Osaka-Kobe, second place in 2000, on par with Tokyo this year.
According to the Tax Court, the taxpayer failed to prove that the extra distribution was part of a permissible cost-of-living adjustment.
But the important question should not be whether it is possible to construct a perfect index, but rather whether techniques are available for creating a monthly cost-of-living index that would represent an improvement over the CPI as currently constructed.
Notions, for instance, of a single cost-of-living statistic for the entire nation are laughable, considering it costs less than half as much to live in Houston as it does in Honolulu.
That's because the commission's recommendations, which include ideas for creating a truer cost-of-living index, have significant budgetary implications.
a base salary increase program equal to the yearly increase in the external market or cost-of-living index;
Each year, all 3,700,000 military and federal civil service pensioners receive an annual cost-of-living adjustment (COLA).
The Canadian Paperworkers' Union will also be looking for a cost-of-living allowance (COLA) clause as protection against GST-induced inflation.