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The industry leaders discussed various cost-reducing measures, including renovating existing facilities, upgrading mechanical equipment, constructing new facilities with state-of-the-art systems, outsourcing facilities management to service providers, and reducing energy consumption.
Seamlessly implementing and automating these cost-reducing projects would not be possible without the use of Arkivio's software solution.
While these cost-reducing measures were difficult to implement, the overall result is that we have streamlined our ability to serve our customers.
Wexler is quick to praise the cost-reducing advantages of his work-though other advantages come with it.
Interstar, recognized for its award-winning fax server solutions and #1 position in the worldwide IP fax market, will be demonstrating its suite of cost-reducing, fax server software for PSTN and VoIP networks.
An enterprise needs to assure excellent application service to the branch office while at the same time simplifying and cost-reducing IT.
Our benefits administration platform, through which we expect to serve over 250,000 employees in 2005, is a significant cost-reducing proposition for our clients.
The company was founded in 2002 by Cery Perle to fill a need among developing businesses for productivity-enhancing, cost-reducing technologies which are typically designed and priced for large companies.
Companies certified to participate in C-TPAT receive several major cost-reducing benefits, including fewer inspections, a dedicated U.
SOTAS has seen significant growth, and we plan to continue this growth by selling innovative, revenue-increasing, and cost-reducing software systems to the telecom industry," said Daniel McGinnis.
Our collaboration with FilesOnTheNet gives us a strong product that offers our customers the cost-reducing measures that are imperative in today's market.