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62 per cent in the same month of FY15 due to costlier pulses and other food items.
These are generating electricity at costlier rate than other companies and their power generation capacity is far less.
1]138819); base price costlier than Toyota Avalon by $2,806 (approximately a[sup.
20% weight in the CPI basket, saw its group become costlier by 4.
MC) has found in a study that half-term breaks could be costlier than holidays taken during the end of the month.
Bosses blamed the recession and weak pound, which makes foreign trips costlier, for the 16% fall in interest.
Police said the clinic faked patients' charts so it could get higher fees for the costlier surgeries from the Italian national and regional health service - a total of pounds 1.
It is true to say that Northumberland GP services are generally slightly costlier than in some other areas, however this reflects a number of factors - the huge areas to be covered; the need for more branch surgeries than usual; the many extra services provided to patients in the community than is the norm.
Genentech Inc (South San Francisco CA) has restricted availability of its cancer drug Avastin so doctors cannot use it instead of a costlier medicine to treat a common eye disease.
Solutions are not easy to implement, but delaying or not making a decision to formulate a "Plan B" is costlier still.
Grampian owns several UK poultry farms, which means it is committed to supplying large volumes of costlier British meat.
The hospital cannot afford to provide appraisals for inexpensive items, but would consider doing so for costlier ones.