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The devaluation will make textile imports costlier.
New Delhi [India], October 10 ( ANI ): After Delhi Metro rides got costlier from today, the commuters are a little disappointed and have said that they might want to shift to other modes of transport.
Despite the Labor Department's vow that the identification cards would be issued to all bona fide OFWs for free, the senator noted that the implementation of the i-DOLE would be costlier than that of the OECs, which might affect its holders in the long run.
General Motors (NYSE: GM), a United States-based automaker, is expecting the sale of its Opel division to France-based PSA Group to be much costlier than first expected.
Some of the projects will increase cost of total energy mix by providing them high tariff and end consumer would have to pay for costlier electricity in the near future.
The British government has said that the British taxpayer would have to incur a GBP27bn loss, as Brexit will make bank bailouts costlier.
Overall for the consumer, jute bags may become costlier," the official added.
and its CEO, Erwin Robert Hirt in federal district court for illegally paying bonuses and higher commissions to loan originators to incentivize them to steer consumers into costlier mortgages.
These are generating electricity at costlier rate than other companies and their power generation capacity is far less.
1]298505); base price costlier than Lincoln MKZ by $450 (approximately a[sup.
Due to seasonal as well as rains and floods, wheat flour and rice have become costlier in August.
KARACHI -- Motorcycles became costlier in the last five years while local car assemblers have also pushed up prices citing rising value of yen and dollar against the rupee, hike in transportation charges, utility bills, wages etc.