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The PPR weight, which is a measure of the relative costliness of subsequent readmissions, also increases with patient severity of illness during the initial admission.
economic structure, corporate management should understand the complexity and costliness of using fair value measurements.
2) The duplication of efforts, costliness, and delays associated with the present system have led commentators to suggest that the system would be better served by consolidating the functions of various agencies such as the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the U.
The costliness of the miss was hammered home two minutes later as Captain Fantastic made it 33 for the season after being fouled by Abdoulaye Meite.
Smith labeled some of them "oops" turnovers - a pass off a hand or dribble off a foot - but the euphemism does little justice to the costliness of the errors.
This is because when setting DRG payments, CMS generally needs data that are representative of the Medicare population, timely, and complete in that the data include the total charge or other measure of costliness for all services provided during an inpatient stay, including new technologies.
For developing countries, a recent overview of crop insurance studies concludes that the costliness of informal household risk management strategies imply a positive demand for a fair value insurance contract.
These poppenhuis were not children's toys; in fact, they are more akin to the wunderkammers and cabinets of curiosity of the era in both costliness and seriousness.
That is likely to make it tricky for the Lions to add the four or so wins necessary to convert their fine start into a post-season invitation, and highlights the costliness of their defeat to Arizona on Sunday.
The value of the dollar has New York City ranked behind eight other metropolises, including London and Milan, in terms of costliness.
Barrett says despite their costliness and high maintenance, the buoys are inexpensive compared to the elaborate system used by Japan.