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We can see him struggling, Astruc-style, to escape "the tyranny of what is visual, from the image for its own sake," as he centralises images that convey both the aspiration to continuity (precisely composed long takes that echo the slow, precise and anachronistic techniques that are specific to this region) and of the inescapable rupture of that continuity (flashes of decoupage that interrupt these sumptuous long takes, as young farmers explain the cotemporary impossibility of earning an actual living through agriculture).
Oswald Baver, Martin Luther's Theology: A Cotemporary Interpretation, trans.
State Street Gallery, Allyn Gallup Cotemporary Art, Current Furniture Art and Design
The cotemporary Muslim politics of inclusiveness in Nepal has two main sources--(a) the Muslim social-religious institutions and (b) the present debate on inclusiveness.
Despite the drastically different views on how literary criticism should be conducted, the early Chicago critics and their cotemporary New Critics shared a firm belief in the centrality of the text in literary study.
From December until February 2012, Harmonie hosts five classic works that reveal different sides of cotemporary Egyptian history.
Barbra delivered a lecture titled (Oman Cotemporary Arts) at the understanding bench in the SQU Cultural Center under the auspices of Abdullah bin Nasser al-Rahbi, Executive Chairman of Oman Establishment For Press, Publication & Advertising in the presence of Dr.
All manifestations of Western High Culture might be analysed the same way, denigrating whatever traditional vestiges remain in cotemporary society, diagnosed as vestigial repression that requires exorcising from the social organism.
The readings are presented in sections devoted to the origins of race and racism, social theorizing about race and race relations, anti-semitism as racism, linkages between colonialism and constructions of race, feminist perspectives on racism, and changing boundaries and spaces in cotemporary debates about race and racism.
The traditional Paithani saris have continued to attract women by its distinct appeal even in cotemporary times.
Irwin Altman, Husbands and Wives in Cotemporary Polygamy, 8 J.
This workshop comes at a time were executive cotemporary knowledge has become an essential element of creating highly qualified professional management teams within organisations," said Dr Al Kozai.