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COTTAGE, estates. A small dwelling house. See 1 Tho. Co. Litt. 216; Sheph. Touchst. 94; 2 Bouv. Inst. n. 1571, note.
     2. The grant of a cottage, it is said, passes a small dwelling-house, which has no land belonging to it. Shep. To. 94.

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COSY: Despite its inauspicious exterior (inset), once inside, the coffee shop at Windmill Nurseries has a pleasant, cottagey atmosphere
FINDING a cottage three miles from Birmingham city centre seems like romantic wishful thinking but a two-bedroom-terraced home in Hall Green has a cottagey charm, from its climber-clad doorway to its spacious, secluded, garden.
Passing through the small cottagey door, the interior opened, Tardis-like, to reveal a welcoming bar area and two dining rooms.
Entrees at cottagey Heartline Cafe (1610 W State 89A; 282-0785) include local trout and duck with dried-cherry relish.
The building is a quaintly cottagey, traditional pub, with a millstone and a renovated Riley classic car out front, and low ceilings inside the two rooms - one a cosy bar and the other a tiny dining room.
Even closest neighbours still achieve some individuality, sharing out the cottagey features of the front elevation, one with an upper dormer, one with a front gable and the other with a gabled end.
There is a dearth of classical houses in Burford and the well proportioned and airy accommodation with deep sash windows offers a light and elegant alternative to the cottagey nature of the majority of the town's old houses," he said.
The larger Isis house type is on offer for pounds 165,000, is also traditionally styled with simple, cottagey windows and covered porch entrance.
The beautifully-refurbished reception rooms lie either side of the breakfast kitchen, giving it a particularly comfortable cottagey feel.
The result is a cottagey room with masses of atmosphere.