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The other bane of the gardener's life is couch grass, its strong spikes always appearing where you don't want them.
The herbal compound also contains Corn silk, a soothing demulcent on inflamed tissue and Couch grass, a tissue healer.
Bindweed snakes its way through borders, ground elder is emerging from under my neighbour's fence and couch grass is appearing amid growing perennials and shrubs.
In my own garden my main problems are bindweed,ground elder and couch grass.
Couch grass just looks like thick blades of long grass with wiry stems,but dig deeper and you will find creeping white underground stems with sharp points,which can extend underground for a considerable distance in all directions,producing new plants along the way.
Q AFTER putting contaminated manure on my berberis hedge it is full of couch grass.
Dig the ground over very thoroughly, making sure you get every weed out, particularly thugs like couch grass, nettles, buttercups, docks and dandelions.
Dandelions, docks and couch grass, are, the books will tell you, eradicable.
No sooner have you weeded the beds and borders during a fine spell, than you'll have to do it again after a downpour, as seedlings emerge and difficult perennial weeds such as ground elder, couch grass and bindweed do their worst, climbing or spreading their underground roots so they are virtually impossible to eradicate.
The best way to treat a long-term problem is to drink herbal teas Couch grass, Corn silk, Uva ursi and Buchu in a blend of equal parts and reduce your susceptibility to infections over a period of months.
Then there are some with roots like couch grass and any gardener who has encountered this knows what to expect.