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I couldn't abide her then, so I won't pretend I am looking forward to rubbing shoulders with her now.
not because he'd fired of traffic congestion or ill-behaving drunken helots, but because, as a Christian, he couldn't abide the thought of celebrated athletes parading in the buff and offering sacrifices to pagan gods.
She couldn't abide the restrictive Hasidic community she came from in Brooklyn, so she split for a more-or-less secular, academic life in Manhattan.
He said he enjoyed confounding those judgmental souls who couldn't abide the thought that Ken Kesey, after all his defiances and wanderings, had ended up enjoying the life of a family man, a grandfather, a school board member, a respected man of letters and a pillar - albeit gnarly, twisted and multicolored - of the community.
I later told him I couldn't abide cheating and lying.
Translation: Murray couldn't abide being in a movie with no real script and no real direction and made no bones about expressing his displeasure.
America was the place for people who couldn't abide the ass-kissing and courtly conniving that was required for self-advancement in the Old World.
The insider added: "Angeline was last seen in RTE's Trouble In Paradise as a gin-soaked woman who couldn't abide her daughter's success.
They were regular customers and we did want their custom but they couldn't abide by the regulations.
In a rare discourse about his love life, Clint Eastwood tells Playboy that he broke up with live-in girlfriend Sondra Locke because he couldn't abide anymore her ongoing relationship with her husband, who, he says, was gay.
He was a heavy smoker (he was on three a day - three lighters, that is) and a 365-day-a-year professional boozer who couldn't abide amateur drunks, dismissing them contemptuously as the "once-a-year because-it's-Christmas Babycham brigade".
If he couldn't abide George Young in New York, no way he can take Davis.

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