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A California appeals court has ruled that Christian prayers offered at the beginning of city council meetings in Burbank are unconstitutional.
left, at the Lancaster City Council meeting Tuesday.
A challenge to the legitimacy of the Tribal Council meeting at which the Amendments were approved has been filed in Tribal Court.
Several of the cast members were present at the City Council meeting, along with committee members and Knight's widow, Gail.
The discussion at the Interagency Council meeting has provided clarification for the next development activities for the drug and we are working to prepare the appropriate next regulatory submissions.
During the City Council meeting, Mayor Jef Vander Borght said he offered Murphy his ``best wishes.
Doherty Memorial High School Council Meeting, 6:30 p.
The resulting searchable index has proven crucial for city council meetings, which can run 4-6 hours in length.
City Manager Mary Alvord said it was unclear whether Murphy would return to next Tuesday's City Council meeting.
LANCASTER - Looking to reduce the time between redevelopment agency and City Council meetings, Lancaster officials will discuss moving council meeting times up one hour.
The decision was the result of a lawsuit filed in state court in November 2000 by two residents who say they were offended when they heard an invocation at the Burbank City Council meeting in November 1999 that contained the words "and we express our gratitude and our love in the name of Jesus Christ.

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