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A legislative body of local government. A group of persons who, whether elected or appointed, serve as representatives of the public to establish state or municipal policies and to assist the chief executive of the government unit in the performance of duties.


(Assembly), noun advisory board, board, committee, conclave, conference, forum, judicature, palaver, parley, parliament, synod, tribunal


(Consultant), noun advocate, counselor
See also: bench, board, cabal, caucus

COUNCIL, legislation. This word signifies an assembly.
     2. It was used among the Romans to express the meeting of only a part of the people, and that the most respectable, in opposition to the assemblies of the whole people.
     3. It is now usually applied to the legislative bodies of cities and boroughs.
     4. In some states, as in Massachusetts, a body of men called the council, are elected, whose duties are to advise the governor in the executive part of the government. Const. of Mass. part 2, c. 2, s. 3, art. 1 and 2. See 14 Mass. 470; 3 Pick. 517; 4 Pick. 25 19 John. R. 58. In England, the king's council are the king's judges of his courts of justice. 3 Inst. 125; 1 Bl. Com. 229.

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The JI has around 20 general councillors in Lahore and all of them are willing to join the Councillor Ittehad to register their protest," he maintained.
Councillor Owain Williams Leader Llais Gwynedd (Clynnog Ward)
AN ECHO investigation which revealed that EIGHT Liverpool City Councillors were given court summons for the late or non-payment of council tax has prompted calls for a change in the system.
More than 80 local politicians, who served as councillors during the period 2012-17, were invited by the standards and ethics committee to participate in an "exit survey", with 46 of them responding.
Although your councillor may have been recorded as having attended a meeting, one has no record as to how they have voted on any particular item.
We have urged every councillor to adopt a slum and resolve the issues of slum dwellers," Goel said.
Allegations of misconduct and serious misconduct will be dealt with by independent Councillor Conduct Panels, which will have the power to suspend councillors for up to six months.
4 for the General Councillor seat PML-N candidate Abid Hussain Minhas won by getting 434 votes while PTI candidate Mazhar Hussain got 309 votes.
Well since we have a Labour mayor; a Labour deputy mayor; every councillor chosen by the mayor to be on his executive a Labour councillor; every chair of every committee in the council is occupied by a Labour councillor, we have Labour MPs here and a Labour police and crime commissioner, how would Councillor Rooney refer to this as - a coincidence?
IN response to C E omas and the reference to needing three councillors per ward (Letters, March 5).
We'd have too few councillors I WAS sorry to read Dave Mace's letter (Your Say, February 13) as I have had help from my local councillors in Sheldon ward.
South Tyneside councillors are paid PS7,226 a year, which is PS2,500 less than the PS9,759 a year North Tyneside councillors are now getting.

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