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High quality in a journal article encompasses many things, including a clearly conceptualized purpose, a firm grasp of existing literature that is used to create a context for the article, well-articulated research questions, solid research design and analysis, clearly described results, and a strong discussion of the implications of the work for school counselors.
A factor in the development of an effective relationship between the client and counselor is the development of a strong working alliance (Lustig, Strauser, Rice, & Rucker, 2002).
Indeed, recycling can occur through the steps of the CACCM as a function of insights gained by the counselor (and client) through deliberate metacognitive reflection.
The counselor needs to remember that when things look bleak, they can and do get better.
There is a constellation of considerations for counselors dealing with Asian American/ Pacific Islander clients.
Parents ``are very surprised for the most part that someone from the school took the time to knock on their door,'' said Maria Castro, a PSA counselor who serves nearly 50 San Fernando Valley schools.
So it begs the question, with all the roles of a counselor, all the students for whom they are responsible, and the new pressure to ensure student success, can counselors truly be effective?
College admission officers, too, are equally surprised and discouraged when they discover how overloaded counselors in high schools are.
Rehabilitation counselors need to prepare students with disabilities for work while they are still in college.
This study explored the attitudes of first-year counselor education graduate students in relation to race and gender and also assessed the inclusiveness of their perceptions of diversity.
A high school student in Oregon writes, "I think the counselor should tell only the mother.
Hopes for a swift end to the commercial real estate market downtown remain remote, with no recovery in sight for another three-to-five years, according to the annual member survey of the American Society of Real Estate Counselors, a specialized group of consultants who provide expert, independent real estate advice on property and land-related matters.