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School counselors at the elementary, middle school, and high school levels should be able to peruse the table of contents of every issue and find themselves drawn to articles that can provide the type of highly relevant and applied knowledge that can help them do their jobs better.
The American Psychological Association's (APA; 2003) Guidelines on Multicultural Education, Training, Research, Practice, and Organizational Change for Psychologists provides a framework to help counselors gain awareness of themselves and of their clients as they strive to provide culture-centered practices.
Counselors can ask questions like: what kinds of things are you doing to help yourself feel better about what's going on; who is most helpful to you in dealing with this issue; even though the problem seems so tough you still manage to go to activities--what gives you the strength to keep on going; what have you tried to do so far that was helpful in lessening the problem; have you had problems like this before that you were able to solve and what helped you to solve them?
Naturally, counselors working with Asian American/Pacific Islander clients will need to complement their understanding of the basic information about the original culture with an exploration of these additional factors.
Yet, just weeks before the district launched the campaign last summer, funding for as many as 100 pupil-service and attendance or PSA counselors was on the chopping block - just as such funding has been in each of the past four years.
Counselors are trained to deal with crises and then, ff necessary, lead students and their parents to other community services, such as mental health workers or family services.
She recommends selecting a certified career counselor who has added coaching to his or her practice.
Counselors could match each student with a mentor, thereby expanding the student's network of support and encouragement that he/she needs while in college and throughout life.
Counselor education graduate students' attitudes about racial diversity and gender equity were assessed using the Quick Discrimination Index (QDI, Ponterotto et al.
Given the intended audience, I appreciated Kottler's consistency throughout the book in encouraging new counselors to be patient in their learning process and in making suggestions for them to increase their altruism and ability to empathize with others.
The geneticists and genetic counselors, who work daily with patients, tend to take a very different view, one that relies on the concept of nondirective counseling.