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Franz, Albert, and the count continued to descend the Corso.
Franz heard the words of the count but imperfectly, and he perhaps did not fully appreciate this new attention to their wishes; for he was wholly absorbed by the spectacle that the Piazza del Popolo presented, and by the terrible instrument that was in the centre.
I thought," said Franz to the count, "that you told me there would be but one execution.
returned the count, "that this human creature who is about to die is furious that his fellow-sufferer does not perish with him?
And the count burst into a laugh; a terrible laugh, that showed he must have suffered horribly to be able thus to laugh.
The count was erect and triumphant, like the Avenging Angel!
Not dirt," whispered the Count, fastening the other hand suddenly on Sir Percival's collar, and shaking it in his agitation.
Sir Percival had hitherto remained at the inner end of the boat- house with Count Fosco, while I spoke to him from the door.
The Count only smiled and repeated the soothing application.
I made my answers as short as I civilly could, for I had already determined to check the least approach to any exchanging of confidences between Count Fosco and myself.
A fine horse, my friend," said the Count, addressing the groom with the most engaging familiarity of manner, "You are going to drive out?
Logical inference, Miss Halcombe," continued the Count, wheeling round briskly, and addressing me.