count against

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The value of this coverage does not count against key employees in the 25% concentration test.
McRae said: "Bobbie is a dedicated trainer but, by the time of the Wembley match, he won't have played for nearly two months, and that will obviously count against him.
The news and information services SkyTel provides through its Custom Newscast service will continue to be free and will not count against the 500-message allotment.
Werth has been playing in extended spring training, which doesn't count against the 20-day limit on rehab assignments.
But since when don't long runs count against your defense, especially when they end in touchdowns?
The three incoming players don't count against the 25 scholarships the Bruins will be awarding for next year.
Williams will become a medical redshirt, which means he will continue his education but his scholarship will no longer count against the football program.
Terms prior to that election would not count against the limit.
If Jones stays, Schmid would likely draft top high school and college-age players or youth internationals that do not count against the 18-man limit.
He sat with his hands clasped in front of his face and, as the prosecutor read each count against him, softly muttered ``guilty.
At that point, he will count against the football team's 85-scholarship limit.
Welch finished: Offensive lineman Matt Welch has ended his playing career because of recurring shoulder injuries and will take a medical redshirt, which means his scholarship will not count against the team's total of 85.