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Hungarian prefers and uses the singular when referring to an undefined quantity (indefinite number)--in the case of both uncountable quantity (mass nouns and collective nouns) and countable quantity.
Choose a Banach space V with a countable Schauder basis [{[[upsilon].
iii) Intuitionistic fuzzy countable S-closed [21 if each countable intuitionistic fuzzy regular closed cover of X has a finite sub cover for X.
The NCAA defines countable athletically-related activities to include those at the direction of, or supervised by, one or more coaches (NCAA Division I Manuel, 2009).
Let X be a first countable Hausdorff space, and let x be a point of X.
This essay argues that there is a conflict between the principle of Countable Additivity and standard views of how we should update centered or de se beliefs.
This group also rapidly lengthened with a trailing spot that also became countable as a separate active region, although NOAA allocated only one number to the entire group.
In particular, we analysed in detail the bound states of two pulses and provided a criterion for the existence of a countable infinite or finite number of bound states, depending on the strength of the dispersive term in the equation.
Looking at recent results in the area of ergodic theory (the mathematical study of dynamical systems with an invariant measure) concerning the complexity of the problem of classification of ergodic measure preserving transformations up to conjugacy, the structure of the outer automorphism group of a countable measure preserving equivalence relation, ergodic theoretic characterizations with the Haagerup approximation property, and cocycle superrigidity, the author of this monograph realized that these apparently diverse results can all be understood within a unified framework.
that sun on our faces and hers but weeks, countable hours
The Houthi must be held countable for violations including an attempt to assassinate deputy Interior minister Muhammad al-Qawsi, killing a soldier in Al Akab district and not sending his representatives to their workplaces, the official said.
In addition, erosion of the real dollar value of available funds, inflexible restrictions on the allowable uses of TANF funding, and limitations of countable state maintenance-of-effort funding have become an increasing barrier to states looking to effectively: