counted upon

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We are happy that our capabilities are being counted upon by renowned companies and that we are able to satisfy the demand placed on our efficient service delivery," he added.
Phillips looks the most likely man to lead the line tonight and although he won't exactly run Hull's impressive defence ragged, he can usually be counted upon to take any decent chances that fall to him.
I agree that these "occasionals" may well make a larger, comparable contribution on the particular day but such contributions, unlike those of the regular attenders, cannot be counted upon by church treasurers trying to present budgets for the forthcoming year.
If they cannot show that to be the case our support cannot be counted upon.
New York, May 27 (ANI): Saudi Arabia is coming around to the view that the United States cannot be counted upon to restore and ensure stability in the Middle East, especially in the context of neutralising Shia dominant Iran's overt aggresive designs.
Finally, Nichols added that during the last year NAPSLO has put into motion a renewed emphasis on communicating the value of the wholesale distribution system to retail agents: "We're working to make sure that NAPSLO members are positioned as innovators who can be counted upon to bring value to an insurance transaction.
In their line of work, they are routinely counted upon to keep businesses and municipalities moving during periods of snow storms, hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, and any other type of natural disaster.
Williams' horses are known to improve for their first outings and Greywell Boy can be counted upon to do even better if seen again this season.
counted upon to serve the future goal of transforming Kuwait into a world
Henderson can be counted upon to send out winner after winner at his local track and among those lined up for the fixture are Duc De Regniere, possibly against Big Buck's in the sportingbet.
First of all, the mechanism for exchanging visits between Saharans and those residing in the Tindouf camps, which was being counted upon as a way to achieve a humane approach to this issue, has collapsed.
Patricia enjoyed the company of many friends throughout her life, and could always be counted upon to help those most in need.