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But, even more beyond the pale is that he has countenanced the trading of his own judicial nomination by the Democrats for the Republicans' nomination of Republican County Judge Joseph Alessandro, found 'not qualified' by the Westchester County Bar Association.
But De Cordier's drawings include moments of pure provocation that the Symbolists, even at their most caustic and pessimistic, would hardly have countenanced.
It establishes a citywide policy that says retaliation will not be countenanced,'' Councilman Mike Feuer said.
Although O'Connor cited regulatory safeguards that supposedly will prevent outright religious indoctrination with tax funds, there is no escaping the fact that the high court has countenanced an important subsidy for religious schooling.
West, director of planning for Rockrose Associates, said, "is to make it clear where the new investments will be countenanced.
amp;uot;Deprivation of property by agency fiat, without any procedural or due process safeguards, cannot be countenanced,&uot; the Court said in its opinion, which concludes that the FCC's attempted cancellation of NextWave's licenses is &uot;void and without force or effect&uot; because it violates the Bankruptcy Code.
Would the Communist system that Picasso admired have countenanced the artistic innovation of the Modern period in the West?