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I mean that he should try to usurp the functions of the Creator I could never have believed, but my knowledge of him, coupled with what you have said, and the extreme lengths to which he has gone to maintain absolute secrecy for his present experiments can only lead to one inference; and that, that his present work, if successful, would have results that would not be countenanced by civilized society or government.
It was an organized move on the part of the sailors, evidently countenanced by the captain; for by the time we arrived where the gangway had been, it was being hoisted up, and the skiff, slung in the ship's davits, was likewise flying aloft out of reach.
Availing himself of the first opportunity of being alone with Mr Charles Cheeryble at the close of next day, he accordingly related Smike's little history, and modestly but firmly expressed his hope that the good old gentleman would, under such circumstances as he described, hold him justified in adopting the extreme course of interfering between parent and child, and upholding the latter in his disobedience; even though his horror and dread of his father might seem, and would doubtless be represented as, a thing so repulsive and unnatural, as to render those who countenanced him in it, fit objects of general detestation and abhorrence.
Although the law has almost countenanced errors of youth by conceding to tardy regret a legal status to natural children, the insurmountable prejudices of society bring a strong force to the support of the reluctance of the law.
The circumstances countenanced all this; the people believed it; and there the child dragged on an existence, miserable enough even to satisfy us, until a widow lady, residing, then, at Chester, saw the girl by chance, pitied her, and took her home.
The Irishmen's defence of their Six Nations crown this year was hugely disappointing on the face of it: whatever about the dismissal in Paris, a Croke Park reverse to Scotland could hardly have been countenanced.
They may be improved, but dilution cannot be countenanced.
One last thing: The Military Commissions Act retroactively grants immunity to Bush Administration officials who countenanced torture.
Steeped in a modernist ethos of self-gratification, a number of emissaries from this generation--notably Harlem Renaissance luminaries like Claude McKay, Countee Cullen and Langston Hughes--adopted a masculinity that openly countenanced hetero- and homo-sexual relations.
Saudi Arabia has countenanced its first bit of democracy via local elections.
The photographer's stuffed, out-of-it face is countenanced by that of a partially decimated roast pig.
Yet even if circumstances compel us to become far more entangled in military conflicts abroad than the Founders would have countenanced, surely it is all the more important to heed their warnings about the perils of the militarization of society and state, it has been noted in far more recent times, by commentators who are neither leftists nor libertarians, that there is an almost inherent tension between a democratic polity and the armed forces.