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But, he feigned not to notice the two strangers, and fell into discourse with the triumvirate of customers who were drinking at the counter.
They spoke of fire and massacre, of cruelties and counter cruelties, of things that had been done to harmless Asiatics by race-mad men, of the wholesale burning and smashing up of towns, railway junctions, bridges, of whole populations in hiding and exodus.
Fynes," he said, lifting the flap of the counter and coming out.
Before I had fairly risen, he had again turned to the counter, and with a barely audible "so," had emptied the bottle at a gulp.
Then I'll have ONE, please,' said Alice, as she put the money down on the counter.
He put one hand on the counter, vaulted over as easily as an acrobat and towered above the priest, putting one tremendous hand upon his collar.
at whirlwind lunch counters, on sandwiches and beer in his hall-bedroom.
He admitted that the staff was small; but as for himself, he had a loaded revolver under his pillow all night, under the counter all day, and he was only waiting for his chance.
A stout black-eyed woman looked up at his entrance from behind the counter.
With a firm, steady-eyed impudence, which seemed to hold back the threat of some abominable menace, he would proceed to sell over the counter some object looking obviously and scandalously not worth the money which passed in the transaction: a small cardboard box with apparently nothing inside, for instance, or one of those carefully closed yellow flimsy envelopes, or a soiled volume in paper covers with a promising title.
He addressed the envelope on the counter with the German name of a certain person living in Vienna.
Two were playing dominoes at one of the little tables; three or four were seated round the stove, conversing as they smoked; the billiard-table in the centre was left alone for the time; the landlady of the Daybreak sat behind her little counter among her cloudy bottles of syrups, baskets of cakes, and leaden drainage for glasses, working at her needle.