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According to the Le Chatelier principle, any influence on a system, executed by means of a change of the external conditions, initiates a counteraction of the system.
Passive systems always exert the weakened counteraction to an external influence, i.
So, the second unique property of biosystems is their ability for the intensified counteraction to an external action (influence).
Expenditure of energy that makes the intensified counteraction possible restores with an energetic profit in some time.
Free energy that an organism extracts from the environment is in fact the difference between the energy of external actions and the energy of the intensified-expedient counteraction.
The author's version is: "Life is a highly organized structure able to exert intensified and expedient counteraction to spontaneous destructive processes and developing through regular self-renovation.
The New People's Army must continue to strengthen itself nationwide by carrying out armed counteractions and offensives across the country to defeat the Mindanao martial law and nationwide all-out war,' it said.
Security Council should assess the nature of breach made by Iraq and what type of counteractions are necessary, Gourdault-Montagne said.
Counteractions will take effect 30 days after the WTO notification.
Should counteractions be decided, they must be taken by June 17.