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The national minority principle can be the natural counteragent to the particular form of antisemitism engendered by emancipation.
Just as the symptoms of neurasthenia were conceded to be contradictory in their multiplicity, so the counteragent had to be handled warily with due attention to each sufferer's idiosyncracies.
Extrapolating, we can say that for Yeats a good allegory is a counteragent to fragmentation, personal, cultural and political; a good allegory links, unifies, and imposes coherence where before we may have seen only a heap of unrelated items, a collection of personae.
FAS also issued a warning to stop actions that contained elements of violating the antimonopoly law imposing mooring and environmental services in NMTP port upon counteragents when servicing ships in NMTP port.
But Carter invents enough intrigue and mirrors within mirrors and doors leading to more doors to keep even the eyes of a well-informed reader glued to the page, featuring as it does, secret agents, spies and counteragents (some historical figures, some not) with truths and lies (and eventually bullets) flying past each other on the recognizable streets of D.
This becomes possible when the following conditions have been fulfilled: a) mutual and long-term interest of counteragents in effective cooperation; b) optimal actions of governmental authorities and credit and financial institutions as regulators.
There is also an awareness of counteragents, which is reminiscent of The Path to the Spiders' Nests: "Perhaps all the agents in your pay work also for the conspirators, are themselves conspirators; and thus you are obliged to continue paying them, to keep them quiet as long as possible" (39).
Utilizing counteragents for intelligence and other information gathering is also a proposal worth considering.
In fact, Western and Soviet agents and counteragents spend most of their time spying on one another.
With increasing worldwide concern about the use of chemical weapons, there is significant interest in developing better counteragents, said David A.
Also, banks should explain to clients the necessity to inform their counteragents about the new details and adjusting the concluded contracts in accordance with the legislation.
That is why public-private partnerships should be understandable and affordable for our counteragents.