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Traditional arguments for the public funding of culture are no longer listened to, I suspect that when they succeeded in the past, it was less that they convinced than that they were not met by confident counterarguments - which are now all too ready to hand.
The commissioner, during his time in [Turkey], had the opportunity to convey all of the EU's arguments and counterarguments to [the Turkish side].
The counterargument is that schools should be considered an emergency item, too - especially after the billions in cuts made last session.
The main counterargument in 1993 held that win-hold-win risked American lives in a holding operation fought at disadvantageous odds while the other war was being won.
When a USA Today editorial criticized nonprofit organizations for earning substantial nondues revenue and recommended a tax on such organizations' commercial ventures, ASAE advanced its counterargument on the same page.
Having said this, I can offer a cogent counterargument.
Any counterargument either has to be based on what bargaining power would exist in an uncontrolled situation or on a competent authority position.
The one example Alexander does offer as counterargument is the strict liability case, the one in which sinking the Bismarck is a strict liability offense.
A lot of people believe that we're in acrisis in the geosciences right now," says Jordan, "because the earth has gotten so complicated that we can't say anything about it anymore" -- for every argument about the way the planet works, there is a counterargument.
Berlinski's counterargument against the work of the Santa Fe Institute, by the way, is simple denial.
While content owners can bypass pay-TV operators by going direct to consumers over the Internet, the operators' role as aggregator, along with their potential to present a single common user interface to the consumer over any device, presents a counterargument of convenience," says Steven Hawley, Analyst at Large for Pyramid, and author of the report.
Goklany (formerly of the Environmental Protection Agency) presents a counterargument to "pessimists" who contend that current trends of economic growth and technological change are creating greater levels of inequality and wreaking lasting environmental damage.