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Weapons vans appear throughout the game to equip the Interceptor with offensive weapons including machine guns, missiles, EMP weapons and counterattack weapons such as oil slicks, smoke screens and flame throwers.
The pace and character of the conflict - after months of quasi-peace followed by fierce Russian bombing raids and rebel counterattacks - has again attained the sustained viciousness with which it began.
The attacks and counterattacks across the border were terminated this weekend under an American-brokered cease-fire.
When Pittsburgh won it their two years, it was on counterattacks, when they preyed on your turnovers, and went down and scored.
Boland focused her counterattacks on Oltman, claiming in mailers that he had flip-flopped on Proposition 187, the measure to deny public services to illegal immigrants.
With time running short, the GOP contenders launched fresh attacks and counterattacks, not only on taxes but also over campaign tactics.
Members of Iran's Parliament immediately launched verbal counterattacks.
Coach Mourinho's side dominated the first halfhour, with their counterattacks carving apart a surprisingly open Gala side, and took the lead through Fernando Torres.
However, as counterattacks can also violate a Japanese law banning unauthorized access to servers and computers, the government is also planning to scrutinize the legal problems that might arise in obtaining counterattack capability, the report added.
What disappoints me is that mostly all the (Forest) chances and the two goals were counterattacks, which is very unnecessary from us.
I knew Uzbekistan would go forward in the last minutes, that's why we changed our tactics and tried to score from counterattacks.
Lebanon resorted to the defensive way and relied upon counterattacks after