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Charges and countercharges of defamation surfaced repeatedly during Richard II's struggle with the Appellants.
Until we recognize that biases are not to be abolished but rather to be proclaimed, the mummery of charge and countercharge being exchanged by self-righteous prigs can only continue.
Instead of applying our energy to escalate the rhetoric of charge and countercharge involving safety, we must join forces to improve the reality of safety.
The Smith ads targeting Democratic voters are part of what's developed into a free-for-all of charge and countercharge from the two Democrats, Smith, and the campaign arm of the U.
A failure to move beyond this ritual charge and countercharge will guarantee that the latest peace initiative fails.
11] The depositions repeatedly report charge and countercharge by the horse carriers and their supporters on the one side, and, on the other, the new watermen.
Henry's position was fragile, for he could not easily denounce these men as imposters without risking the countercharge that he was one himself.
It continues in the once hallowed halls of Westminster where the once admirable Peter Hain, now apparently utterly tainted by his connections with Downing Street, seeks to rebuff a quite proper challenge by the Opposition with the astonishingly inept and transparently nonsensical claim - not to mention cowardly, patronising and irrelevant countercharge - that his Tory counterpart "is not entitled" to ask difficult questions because her party doesn't have a serious policies of its own.
The accusations sparked challenges to nine of the 13 elected council members and the countercharge that the challenges were racially motivated.
To countercharge negligence on the part of parents who entrusted their children to the care of priests and religious of the church is certainly viable legally but just as certainly not morally.
Although the pope later appointed Maciel to a synod of bishops, the Vatican has never made a formal statement on the allegations or on Maciel's countercharge of a conspiracy against him.
One of the signature awards of the science fiction/fantasy community, the Hugos, has been ensnared in a fierce debate over the genre's future, with charges of political correctness and elitism and countercharges of bigotry and dishonesty.