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The dramatic freefall of Professor Hwang Woo-suk continues unabated with new charges and countercharges being reported almost daily.
The charges and countercharges, murkiness and speculation surrounding intent and motive mirror the confusion and striking lack of consensus about Darfur that has hobbled international efforts to respond effectively to the crisis.
But there is little point in bandying about charges and countercharges.
In the political rhetoric surrounding values, science, intelligent discourse, and constitutional considerations disappear into the abyss of charges and countercharges.
But the charges and countercharges flowing back and forth between Weight Watchers and CoolBrands--its ice cream and frozen treat licensee--about Weight Watchers' plans to end the license when it runs out September 28, 2004 focus attention on the other end of the relationship: the exit strategy.
The suit also touched off charges and countercharges of ineptitude and malfeasance between the judicial system and the attorney general, which eventually rose to the Corte Suprema.
And contrition for serious errors of judgment on the part of church hierarchy and appeals for public forgiveness have been replaced by countercharges of culpability aimed at the victims and their families.
The planes will be supplied by PT Dirgantara Indonesia (Jakarta, Indonesia), Earlier plans to buy 10 CN-235s from Turkey were dropped due to financial constraints, and an earlier deal to buy these aircraft from Indonesia fell through amid countercharges of blackmail and bad-faith bargaining.
Likewise, obtain the association leadership's commitment to stay the course; and prepare the leadership for possible stalemates, setbacks, tension, countercharges, and acrimony.
Whichever way the charges and countercharges pan out, nearly everyone agrees that Chagnon can muster his own brand of ferocity.
The charges and countercharges in this case are recounted in hundreds of pages of legal pleadings.
The charges and countercharges in Hersh's 25,000-word opus are too much to address in detail here.