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Chief among his defences is the countercharge that a group of wicked men has actually conspired against his persona's 'sothfast trouth' (I.
Such charges and countercharges may indeed make us wonder: Are we two different cultures, bound together only by political necessity?
Charges and countercharges flew, experts were produced to shore up opposing arguments, and the divide yawned wider.
With the buildup of evidence as to how other women were treated, plaintiff's counsel were able to neutralize both Greenstein's denials of Weeks's charges and the firm's countercharges that she was not a competent secretary.
When Ross Bleckner and Phillip Taaffe revived Op art in the '80s, the standard line was that they were recovering a debased and forgettable '60s fad; a reencounter with Bridget Riley's faultlessly modulated panels, full of knowingness about the history and limits of abstraction, explodes this complacent assumption and exposes her latterday imitators to countercharges of inflated redundancy.
Though the specific claims varied from school to school, when considered together, officials issued two main countercharges.
In a classic Catch-22 situation, however, the Americans have been reluctant to unmask the SIS operation because of possible countercharges about information gleaned from their own eavesdropping on global telecommunications traffic.
Like all charges and countercharges in the convoluted Arkla-Arkoma case, the intricacies of Mars' fraud allegations are difficult to decipher, obscured by the complicated lingo of gas purchase contracts, politics, legal wranglings and Monday morning quarterbacking by paid experts and armchair observers.
As expected, the members of the European Community have responded to American charges of protectionism with countercharges of unfair trade practices by the U.
While an unfavorable ruling was handed down in Ecuador last year, Fitch does not anticipate the decision will have a material near-term negative credit impact on Chevron for several reasons: Chevron is essentially judgment proof in Ecuador; a number of countercharges appear to have weakened the plaintiffs' case and/or bargaining position; and Chevron's formidable legal resources are expected to allow it to engage a legal strategy of delay for an extended period, potentially reducing any settlement liability.
The project has been cleared after a long wait and an ugly round of charges and countercharges between different government departments.
As the crisis continued, charges and countercharges flew across the Pond thick and fast.