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We have investigated this fairly-heard allegations, examined evidence carefully and gave (Binay) every opportunity to present his counterevidence.
48) If male Mennonite theologians are going to provide counterevidence to Yoder Nyce's judgment that "Mennonite men have not been radical," then we have much of our own re-visionary work to do, at the same time as we renew forces to recruit, support, promote, and learn from women and other marginalized re-visionaries in our midst.
Formally, there is no way to be certain, but the form clearly governs an accusative, and at the very least provides no counterevidence to the transitivity of the nominal construction.
This model requires the acknowledgement of counterevidence and the willingness among serious scholars to argue either side of a debate.
Rather, as an integral part of liberal theory, the philosophy of history has ever since been a dynamic tool protecting liberal theoretical evidence from empirical counterevidence.
Owen recalled the contributions of black soldiers in every American conflict since the Revolution as counterevidence to Du Bois's belief that the result of fighting would be "the right to vote and the right to work and the right to live without insult.
Counterevidence is also available to prove that females keep on outperforming males and show more positive attitudes towards the FL both in CLIL and non-CLIL models.
The supporting evidence and counterevidence of the claimants' claims are composed of historical records of Chinese missions and official decrees during the Ming and Qing dynasties and Japanese survey and Cabinet decision to annex the Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands; letters between the Chinese and Japanese and among the Japanese, relevant maps of Japan, China, and the US, and experts' interview transcripts with Professor Susumu Yabuki and Kurt Campbell, former assistant secretary of state for East Asian and Pacific affairs.
Anyone arguing the "two-minute Tory" window has a left-of-centre bias must begin by confronting the counterevidence of the 1992 Leadership.
Some researchers tend to associate extroversion with better language-learning performance (Dewaele & Furnham, 2000; Sidek, 2012), and some suggest counterevidence in favor of introverted learners (Gan, 2011).
the 1994 OECD vocal call for union-dismantling "structural reforms" (189) that was notably downgraded in the 2004 and 2007 OECD job studies due to mounting counterevidence on income distribution and economic performance (203-4).
If segments are defined as amenable to nasalization, as those articulatorily compatible with a lowered velum, laryngeals offer no counterevidence to this hypothesis.