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Of this information, the maker's initials "RC" in the countermark provide the most help in terms of dating Filmer 8.
One bifolium bears a watermark and countermark (fig.
More research on the paper used in Ricordi's scores is necessary to discover whether crescent countermarks are present on sheets with the eagle/"GFA" combination, or whether perhaps the eagle and crescent bifolia combinations as illustrated in figure 2 might also contain the letters "GFA" on the bottom half sheets.
The provenance of the countermark is likewise uncertain, but again a Greek origin is assumed.
This interpretation does not preclude an association between the spiral countermark and the cult of Zeus Ammon.
Howgego's (1985) compendium of Greek imperial countermarks illustrates no countermark resembling the one described here.
Monetary graffiti and countermarks cannot be neglected (J.
Explanations of methods and analyses, such as flan-preparation, style, die-comparison, analysis of overstrikings, countermarks and hoard evidence are provided.