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Bush attacks from an articulated right-wing position; Dukakis makes no countermove to present a coherent progressive vision for the nation he would pretend to lead.
In a countermove, the BOC has launched a partnership with IT giant Microsoft for the digitization of the bureau's systems and services and the integration of its cybersecurity programs.
In the face of it, no countermove to demolish it seems strong enough or quick enough.
In that story and in another the following day, Taubman made it clear that both the Bakuriani shipment and the "tougher measures" stories were leaked as move and countermove by government factions locked in a policy fight.
But the comparison remains valid in this crucial respect: Both clashes are characterized by opposing sides engaged in an ever-escalating and seemingly endless battle of weapons and wits, in which a move by one side is met with a countermove by the other.
Enrile said it was different when Marcos declared martial law, as there was no such countermove allowed in the 1935 Constitution prevailing then.
He'd have a move and a countermove and then another countermove.
But there was a countermove from supporters of the measure.
The Lakers countermove to the pressure was to involve forwards Horry and Fox in handling the ball.
One makes a move, the other makes a countermove, and so on.
What's the right attack and the countermove or the path that goes along with it?
Kasparov will make the opening move, and visitors to the site will be given 24 hours to vote for a countermove.