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The data also indicates that Koch Industries and ExxonMobil, two of the largest supporters of climate science denial, recently pulled back from publicly funding countermovement organizations.
Levy analyzes how American capitalism triumphed over both the financial crises it generated and the countermovements it provoked in order for the United States to attain world economic leadership in the twentieth century.
The impact of the post-World War II conservative countermovement has largely been felt in the realm of domestic affairs.
In the context of Hegel's declaration of art's "death" and Nietzsche's claim to art's role as a countermovement to nihilism, Heidegger's essay rethinks the truth of art beyond both beyond the metaphysics of art and its reversal in Nietzsche.
As a countermovement, juxtapositions of individual works from different series also played fast and loose with chronological succession, so as to make the cumulative effect less of a retrospective than of a single comprehensive composition in both space and time.
Polanyi noted that the intentional program of social engineering geared to the integration of labour into such a system gave rise to a spontaneous and pragmatic protective countermovement that, in the interest of 'society', obstructed 'the free working of such an economy' (Polanyi 1944: 143).
To end on an optimistic note, I think there's a very strong countermovement within the population field itself, within the reproductive health and rights field.
This was the package of nightmares that faced Muslim communities from the 1970s onward, at exactly the time that a new countermovement, quite as radical in its own way, emerged from the Middle East.
She also studies the countermovement that aimed to restore traditional values of sexual morality and to define teen pregnancy as a moral issue to be handled by parents instead of intrusive public health professionals.
Globalization and its social countermovement, fragmentation, have had a growing effect on politics during past decades, which is associated with the third trend: desecularization.
In a countermovement, several European newspapers reprinted the images.
As bodies and mementoes are buried in the poem, in a convergence of past and present, the commemorative act works also as a countermovement which unearths the difficult memories certain versions of history might try to repress.