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9) Male characters respond not only with counterplots but also with subservience, dependence, and occasionally, passivity.
He seeks to encapsulate some 65 years of Roman history during which the Republic buckled and ultimately collapsed under the weight of economic crises, plots and counterplots, civil wars, and successive generations of military men who held the republican form of government in minimum high regard.
1987) "`Pulling through'--conspiracies, counterplots, and how the SSRC escaped the axe in 1982" in M.
Once such an equation is effectively made, society becomes a congeries of plots and counterplots, and the main role of government changes from that of the arbiter to that of the scourge of God.
Her book begins in Chapter 1, "Indigenous Counterplots to Globalization Processes," by placing her subject of indigenous social movements in their broader global context.
With beautiful cinematography by Zhao Fei (Raise the Red Lantern), the film is visually breathtaking, and its lesson in history is painless--though with all the plots, counterplots, and subtle duplicities, it may be over the heads of young viewers.
Because the anthologies were to trace provocative, but necessarily partial, Faulknerian counterplots, I didn't require of the critical introductions the same rigorously "proven" theses I would have expected from seminar papers dealing with one or two texts.
The story behind the FBI's criminal probe of the CIA's covert action programme in northern Iraq is a complex tale of bitter rivalries, plots and counterplots," one report said.
Instead, Denham argues in a Platonic or Aristotelian way, portraying the merchants and workers of London as the appetitive part of the body politic, as dangerous and unrestrained "desire," as deranged "Appetite," which feeds only "disease" and tears the body apart in a welter of schemes, "plots," and counterplots (31-42).
The Sweet Revenge of Louisa May began its journey to the stage 10 years ago, when designer Bill Schroeder gave playwright Burton Cohen copies of Alcott's Behind the Mask and Plots and Counterplots.
Harth's study can be supplemented by consideration of another new book, Richard Braverman's Plots and Counterplots.
Using two minor characters from Shakespeare's Hamlet, Stoppard explored the workings of chance in the lives of two ordinary men who are unknowingly caught up in the plots and counterplots of the powerful.