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In sum, the characterization of Ordonez remains one of tempered praise, with a desirable lasting quality and productive transformation of the organic counterposed to a reference to Romantic custom and an undesirable poetic "perfuming.
Indeed, counterposed to the image of the future is the centrality of potentiality.
The ladies counterposed the ideal of the family to the harsh dictates of political economy.
To Keating's Asian model of Australia John Howard counterposed his own.
If anything represented an old world passing--or at least for the moment moving into eclipse--it was the triumph of a narrow fundamentalist shown to be a liar, counterposed with one of the most celebrated, engaged intellectuals of the English-speaking world.
10) Arguments about weak or predatory states in Africa, politically captured states in Latin America, or the limitations of state socialist planning in the former Soviet countries were counterposed against the East Asian experience, and they illuminated what were then understood to be the core features of an effective developmental state.
Within these topics are counterposed essays--by both Serbian and international authors--on Serbian music and related issues in music cultures of other nations.
In a sense, the notion of "linear narrative" as a supra-stanzaic organizing device is replaced with that of counterposed "themes," which "resonate" across parallel grammatical or metrical forms, such as the many puns or sabdalamkaras that in themselves evoke "battle"--even the battles of wits proper to pundits; or across concatenated images, such as the structured similes that "tell" twice the stories of lovemaking; or emerge from dialogic interplay with other "texts"--the epic source itself, obviously, but also those cultural universes of discourse that provide intellectual "content" for the epic poet--Nyaya, for example, in the debates among the characters, or the purusartha literature in re Arjuna's "right" to engage in ascetic practice.
Kiki Smith, the yin to Currin's yang, appears counterposed in many respects to her younger contemporary, yet how these bright young things shine with similar light.
Their fictions, however, were counterposed by strong writing by African Americans such as Anna Julia Cooper, Charles Chesnutt, and, later, W.
Last year saw into English Leonid Tsypkin's extraordinary book Summer in Baden-Baden, which counterposed a retelling of Dostoyevsky's period at the resort city with the narrator's visit to the Dostoyevsky museum in St.
Ellmann's observation regarding the Aherne figure of the stories of the 1890s--'Aherne is the conventional man, the refusing, abstract self which is counterposed to the daring, mysterious Robartes'--is as relevant as ever in the poetic context.