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Scenes of the couple scrambling to survive are counterposed with snippets from their earlier life in the capital, with one poignant seg showing them renting their first apartment together.
Such prescriptive challenges structure the book, along with an interlinear of the author's admonitions, "In order to move beyond the mere urge to preserve and on to something like a real critique, the eclipsed truths of the past would have to be counterposed to the untruths of the present in such a way as to give what has been discarded real contestatory power" (150).
So we loved him when he moved against the narrative, and counterposed (as some Blanchot might say) against old narrative a deeper, newer sense of telling.
Mill's counterposed essays on "Bentham" and "Coleridge" invite such choosing of sides, though this departs from Mill's own practice of sustaining dialectic.
This "imagined" body is counterposed to and historicized in the complex discourses and practices of women's medicine analyzed over a 700-year period from the time of the first emergence of fuke in the Song dynasty (960-1279) to the end of the last Chinese-ruled dynasty, the Ming.
As convincingly described by Baer, the DLC decided to jettison its "big tent" approach (Richard Gephardt, an ally of labor, was the DLC's first chairman) in favor of a more confrontational approach that directly counterposed New Democrat ideas to the electorally counterproductive ones of party liberals, especially blacks and trade union activists.
And although Denver's music is often criticised for over-sentimentality it was also concerned with freedom, expressed in an almost pantheistic love of the countryside, counterposed in so many of his songs with the brutality of the urban lifestyle.
Given the leading role of celebrity and entertainment in the new urbanism of downtown, there's nothing that meaningfully could have been counterposed to the hotel to attract real support on the part of the civic weal.
There is more to mull on in terms of national and cultural characteristics and attitudes in Blasphemy in Modern Britain: 1789 to the Present by David Nash (Ashgate, 45 [pounds sterling]) which deals with the cultural and legal debates which have counterposed the right to free speech and the need to protect Christian sensibilities in Britain from the time of the French Revolution to the present.
With regard to the problem of ecological commitment, many environmental practices adopted by large industrial corporations in recent years have contributed to social welfare while at the same time increasing profits, making efforts to distinguish between those often counterposed motives particularly complex.
Instead, in Rosa's depiction of everyday popular experience (such as in 'Coisas Nossas'), carioca lowlife is often critically counterposed to the official idea of nationalistic optimism, the unglamorous morro is contrasted with the cidade, and the would-be malandro is quite capable of demystifying and critiquing the myth of the malandro himself.
Rochlin argues that state definitions of security problems and societal definitions, which view security more in terms of the satisfaction of basic needs and quality of life, have become increasingly counterposed.