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30) By contrast, the Dionysian ideal stems from a denying attitude, which counterposes to life an unattainable perfection.
The photograph thus subjectively counterposes instrumental mediation, human mortality and quotidian necessity, even as it carries this condensed moment of tragedy to us, the newspaper readers thousands of kilometres away--mediated tragedy, breakfast toast and momentary effect.
For all the brilliance and entertainment of Emanuel's abstract, theoretical poems, I confess that for me the collection's most compelling poems are those about the poet's father's death, which she brings into the text and counterposes to' language in ways that are typically electric and playful.
Penelope Simons' thoughtful and illuminating paper on "humanitarian intervention" in which she counterposes the conflict between sovereignty and human rights [see the December 2000 Monitor].
Yet Leavitt also counterposes Bumbita 'ideology' and 'confusion' about whites as ancestors against 'common sense,' which suggests a modernist view like Burridge's in which emancipation is possible through the adoption of Western views, opening him to the same criticisms Lindstrom levels against Burridge.
La Rondine'' counterposes the star-crossed Magda and Ruggero with the comic squabbling of Magda's high-spirited housemaid Lisette (soprano Sari Gruber) and Lisette's unlikely lover, the poet-singer Prunier (Greg Fedderly).
To these models, Cook counterposes his suggestion of a "metaphor model of multimedia" based on broad conceptual definitions of metaphor by philosopher-linguists George Lakoff and Mark Johnson (Metaphors We Live By [Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1980]).
For example, he counterposes the enforced idleness, compelled activity, and passivity displayed in the photographs with the optimistic view of occupational therapy found in the hospital's annual reports.
To this story, Delgado counterposes the stories of other actors in the drama, especially the story of the applicant himself.
In Act IV, the opening dance counterposes a corps in maroon with one in white in interlacing lines.
Against this militarism, she counterposes a form of "feminist consciousness" that she hopes will one day yield a "culture of peace.