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I am no fan of science fiction, but to my mind no poet has so successfully used imagery of flight from oppression with such brilliance, counterposing the newest with the oldest civilizations, the better, hopefully, to re-civilize us all.
Davis' Victorian holocausts confront the very rarified world Cannadine examines; the dust jacket counterposing photographs of a recumbent Lord Lytton and famine victims says it all.
Miller and Rose argue that it is misleading to distinguish a welfare state from more recent neo-liberal projects by counterposing an interventionist to a non-interventionist state.
This is revealed most clearly by counterposing events of recent years to claims by GA leaders that they joined GPUS to move it "left:"
Secondly, counterposing a defence of the `liberal political sphere' to `crude Marxist ideas' might rhetorically provide the former with the demeanour of forward motion, but it does not quite conceal the sense of a strategy based on defending something that is past, or passing quickly.
Moreover, in India, unlike the Ottoman territories, Islam could easily be countered with the same methods by which it was itself promoted--the public reading of religious texts, counterposing Koran and Bible, and "the instruction of children.
Counterposing so-called "victims' rights" to the rights of the defendants in criminal trials will simply lead to unfair convictions.
Community solidarity, in turn, can be enhanced by counterposing the "local knowledge" of activists and community members, which is valued for its roots in lived experience, with the "expert knowledge" of outsiders, which is often supposedly used to justify exploitation.